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Allergen and Mold Home Test Kit.

Test for mold and mildew as well as a variety of airborne allergens with our convienent home test kit.
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About Examinair Home Mold Test Kit

examine your air today!

The examinair  was developed as an economical means  to assist  in the identification of potentially allergenic
or pathogenic particles in  the air you are breathing.

Scientifically tested & approved


“The decrease of the jet-to-plate- distance (in the Micro5 air sampling cassette) results  in a critical decrease of the impactor’s spore cut-off size: from about 2.5 microns to about 1 micron. This makes such an impactor efficient
for collecting spores of ALL fungal species and even some bacterial species.”

-World Journal of Aerosol Science

Testing with the Examinair
(Complete operating instructions included with kit)

You can now easily test your home or office for mold and other airborne allergens
using the ExaminAir Home Mold Test Kit.

The Kit comes complete with:

4 air sampling cassettes
Detailed documentation and instructions
Pre-paid shipping box
All lab fees are included with your purchase

1. Find your sampling locations
(directions for determining locations included with pump).

2. Attach cassette to pump.

3. Push start button on pump.  Pump will pull air sample and automatically shut off at the end of the cycle.

4. Repeat process for each sample location.

5. Place pump and cassettes in pre-paid, self-mailing box and ship at the nearest Fed-Ex location.

6. Results will be sent to you via fax, e-mail or US Post Office, which ever you selected in documentation.