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Test for mold and mildew as well as a variety of airborne allergens with our convienent home test kit.

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Nationally recommended as the #1 and best mold test kit for homeowners.

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Buy our examinair® Allergen and Mold Home Air Test Kit


  • Mold
  • Spores
  • Skin Cells
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollen
  • Particulate
  • Dust
  • Building Materials
  • And More


  • One button operation
  • No additional lab fees
  • Includes four testing cassettes: one for outside and three for inside areas of your home with each kit
  • Extra cassettes can be purchased
  • Paid self-mailer included
  • Receive detailed report within 2 business days

Test for mold as well as a variety of common allergens and indoor air contaminants with the ExaminAir® . All laboratory fees are included with purchase!

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Order a phone consultation with America’s leading Healthy Home Expert® to discuss your test results and to ask common questions about indoor environments. Learn how to create an environmentally friendly, healthier, sustainable and less toxic home.

Also available without consultation. See purchase page for details.

Buy Examinair® Home Air Test Kit Online

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 How To Test Your House For Mold

Learn how to test your house for mold and allergens using the ExaminAir mold home test kit. Our easy-to-use mold and allergen test kit provides simple easy to understand results.

America’s Healthy Home Expert®

is Proud to Recommend


Allergen and Mold
Home Test Kit as the #1 and best mold test kit for homeowners

Mold Allergies & Possible Health Effects

Find out about mold allergy symptoms and the symptoms of toxic mold. See our mold symptom quick reference to learn more about mold allergies and possible health effects.

Doctor Recommended for Indoor Allergy Testing
Caroline Blazovsky, America’s Healthy Home Expert® stops by Health Talk podcast and radio show to discuss how to keep your home mold and allergen free. Dr. Hoffman is one of the pioneers of complementary and alternative medicine. Learn how he uses the Examinair in his practice and to test his own home. Physicians across the country are using the Examinair.

Infections & Mold Allergies

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